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I'm not 100% sure because she says she doesn't mind and is glad I have a hobby and have fun but I know she's somewhat jealous that I spend time and attention away from her, whethe r it's games or constantly checking ASC on my iPhone...

Like many in his thread I think I may be in denial and so is she!

The ex didn't mind at first and ended up hating it... Both the money spent as well as the time and attention but everything works out for the best...

I think the my new gf wants to try it and would be open to it but is too intimidated, which gives me an idea... we golf together and snowboard together and it seems that there are alot of other guys in the same boat (now ive been drinking a bit and just came off a 16hr shift) but why don't we all invite our girls to join us for a game? Maybe we could buy ourselves a bit of slack and give them a better understanding of what we do? And maybe an excuse to buy more stuff!$ (itd also make an awesome valentines day gift for both!!)

I'm sure enough of us have enough guns and gear to equip a small army...jk but the girls would feel less intimidated and open to playing with a group of other girls and noobs and hey itd probably be fun!

What do you think?

Edit: corrected a bunch of drunken typing and iPhone autocorrect shit

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