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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Police go into EVERY situation assuming there may be firearms present, registry check or not. They did that before the registry, and still do it today. And that's how it SHOULD be. After all, the people they REALLY have to worry about having guns (criminals) are not going to have their guns registered.

Cop 1: "We're going into this welfare slum dwelling in response to a domestic dispute call."

Cop 2: "Ok, checking the gun registry now for that address. Nope. No guns present at this address..."

Cop 1: "Ok, nothing to worry about here then."

If that doesn't sound utterly retarded to you, then you need to give your head a shake.

Secondly, the statistics about how many times a day the registry are checked are irrelevant. As soon as an officer looks up an address, vehicle plate, checks a name, etc, the computer automatically polls the firearms registry whether or not the officer wants it, and regardless of whether the information is useful in his particular situation. This is where the "the registry is useful because it's checked 210891724098214098 times a day by officers in the line of duty" statistic comes from. It makes the statistic irrelevant.

Registration of firearms - real or replicas - is pointless. It's a means for easy confiscation, nothing more.

That being said, I'm a RS owner, and I've complied with the law and registered my guns. I have to because it's the law. I held out on registration as long as I possibly could. And had I been able to not register them, I wouldn't have.


Hear that....
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