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Originally Posted by Space Bot View Post
My GF prefers me to go out and play Airsoft, And hell, I came home one day from work to find her staring at my M4 only to tell me "You've got a crack in that crappy ABS body"

Originally Posted by AS92-RD View Post
Haha, I'm in a similar boat.

I'm not allowed to buy Cansoft, ABS mags or the like. She said don't buy cheap guns and gear so you only have to replace it once in a blue moon. I like the way she thinks.
Same here, I am only allowed to buy metal bodies, must buy quality parts. It is acceptable to break something by hitting Azathoth with it, unless it was cheap, then I gotta figure out some way to fund the replacement.

She even pushes me to play games; "You've spent -that- much money on guns and gear, you -will- play games, is there a game this weekend? Have you signed up already?"

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