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I had a KJW M9IA as my first sidearm and used it for alittle over a year before selling it to buy a KJW 1911 (I have small hands and found the double-stack grip not that comfortable). I was very pleased with it. The big problem you hear about with KJW pistols are the mags. Personally I never had any mag problems with mine at all, other then the occasional leak when they've been sitting for awhile (which happens with all gas mags from time to time) which is easily fixed by stripping them down and soaking the seals in silicone oil. Just baby the mags (ie don't drop them etc) and everything thing there should be fine. In many models KJW makes even this little problem can be fixed simply by using TM mags instead. They work great in my 1911, fit even better then the KJW mag. Unfortunately the m9ia model I had, the one TM mag I tried it with didn't fit properly. It was just alittle too short and didn't make a good seal with the gas feed at the top of the mag well. That may have been just that run of guns since someone else mentioned in this thread already that they got TM mags to work with it. If you do go with a KJW M9 (and I do recommend it) then buy just one TM mag to test. If it fits, great, buy as many more as you need. Elsewise just buy KJW mags.

One thing that someone else has already mentioned. On the older KJW M9 models, the mag release was plastic and wore down fairly quickly. If the model you end up purchasing has a plastic catch, that part can easily be replaced by contacting KJW directly ( They were very pleasant to deal with and the prices were extremely reasonable. The reference number is M9A1.CO2 part no.56 (the CO2 model has always had that part in metal, so specifying the .CO2 gets you a metal catch). Alittle filing might be necessary to get the catch to fit properly, but it's very simple. The cost when I purchased it was a very reasonable $4.50 USD.

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^Thanks so much for the input! Have you had any issues with the selector switch falling off? Also, does it it require re-gassing after each clip of bbs?
One side of the safety catch is held on with a tiny allen screw. It does come loose from the vibration of the blow back, but if you tighten it up before/after every game it shouldn't be a problem. I used it for weeks before I noticed it getting loose at all. As someone else mentioned loctite would work great, just make sure you get the right type, some are more permanent then others. Or you could just do the same thing the guy I sold it to did, and simply remove that piece. It's not required unless you're a lefty and nothing else will happen.

As to gas longevity, on a reasonably warm day and a decent fire rate I could go through two full mags of bbs (2x25) and I still usually had enough gas to lock the slide back. Either a real cap load (15) or a full load (25) would have no worries of running out of gas.

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everything WE makes is garbage, go with KJW or bettter yet, KSC for M9s, and paint it yorself, you'll be thankful later
+1 to the comments about WE. WE's have a bad tendency to rip themselves to pieces (literally in the case of their 1911). I've never used a KSC but I've heard good things. I personally would vote KJW just cause I've had two now and they've never let me down.
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