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I think one of the trends I'm seeing is the comparison or inclusion of RS with airsoft. I understand the replica arguement and the idea that they both invoke the same public and legal reaction when used in crimes, but one has considerably more potential, that being the ability to take someone's life.

Honestly, I'm not concerned about RS, I have mine and they're all registered, stored, cared for and used properly and safely. My sons (18 & 21) also have RS, and they've learned most of thier behaviour with guns from me, and a little from the HS/FS course offered by DNR.

If we begin making a case that they are different, perhaps the public or government will ease restrictions (I know fat chance of that). If (I notice I use "if" a lot here) government eased it's stand, then perhaps purchasing, importing and using wouldn't have such a stigma associated with them.
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