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The one thing I am wondering is how do you register them?

With my RS firearms I have a serial number but with airsoft we have what?

and then after registered would you need to transfer that if we sold said gun?

So... would I register? Well if I had to then yes I would just like RS firearms, do I want to?...Hell no

I know this is just one town that has this but if it caught on and it went all over Canada then this would just hurt what we have been trying to do in the RS world.

I did read a post that said something on the lines of " well will me $2 registry fee make someone rich...I don't think so"

In short...yes it will and your taxes will help pay to make them rich just like the long gun registry. I would rather spend that money on educating people on the sport of airsoft.

For those that think registration doesn't lead to confiscation then you need to read a bit more and see what the people in the RS world have been dealing with.

wanna help? follow this link: cause when it happens in airsoft we will need all the support and more
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