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I've attempted to answer your questions below... admittedly, some require longer and more detailed responses, but I wanted to keep things short, as the response itself was going to take up a considereable amount of screen already. I encourage your to review and comment, inquire or critique where necessary.

Kurgan explain to me and ASC the likely path of registration on a National level, and most importantly explain how showing a sign of "GOOD FAITH" is going to be received by the powers that be and make this community legitimized?

I’ve no idea how it will be received, and by the same token, neither do you. So any conclusions we may draw are merely opinion based and subject to our personal feelings towards the matter. However, effort should be made on our side to ensure we take part in the discussions that occur and we emphasize the efforts made by the National Community to keep these airsoft accessories out of the hands of people we find are underage or those we’ve refused to grant and AV status to.

How is that going to be received by the political parties in Canada, and who out of them is actual going to honor our "sign of good faith" with positive legislation...

Positive legislation can only be accomplished with the direct involvement of the stakeholders and the government. If either fails to commit fully on their end, the legislation is destined to favor the more vocal and aggressive side.

Most of these parties have no idea about Airsoft guns? What do you think there reaction will be? What news coverage can we expect from the CBC? CBC might say another loop hole found in our firearm laws possible,Oh look that NDP private members bill addresses some of these issues.

As with any introduction, it needs to be structured in a manner that not only shows the players are from all walks of life and professions, but are intelligent, safety oriented and understand the false impressions the public may have about the sport and it’s accessories.

How will RCMP or the "Police Association" take to your sign of "Good Faith".

I would like to believe (and it’s only my opinion) that all Law Enforcement groups would be viewing anyone who registers their “accessories” as law abiding and understands that Law Enforcement can only benefit by knowing what is out there. A “safety of the officer” spin could be used here.

By all means please explain how this will be done? what do we get out of registering our ASG's, what class will our guns be put under that we can expect these "baby looking killers" to be put in..

Quite frankly, airsoft guns would be better off if they were in a class of their own. It would make legislation easier (double edged sword, I agree).

Will this change our importation laws at the CBSA?

Perhaps, if the progression is as described previously.

Will this benefit us in some way, I guess we will need approved ranges as well, this would go under the CFO of whatever province to over see, new laws would have to be drafted, after all these are registered firearms now? We can't just have war games at a park with the local police permission, can we?

It would benefit us, in that the game would be recognized and understood better. If they were to research and investigate the game on their own where would they go? ASC where they can view this thread? Or would we prefer to organize a press release or interview where we can disseminate the information in a fashion that meets our requirements.

If they start registering the AG's in several towns and cities won't this mean and eventual registration on a national level? I could see Toronto pushing for it, as for Quebec they are always for more firearm laws......

I honestly don’t know how many towns or cities would bother with a bylaw such as this one, and the jump from bylaw to federal law is quite a step. I know there are cities in the U.S. where airsoft guns are illegal, but given their issues with handgun and gang related violence I understand it.

How we can turn this story into an opportunity for positive

We can start by switching our attitudes towards staying in the closet about this sport. I’m not saying that we should all rally to City Hall or our Provincial Legislator Building in fatigues, gear and guns, but we shouldn't run and bury our heads in the sand when situations arise that would warrant a response from an organized body of said sport.

All sports hold press conferences or press releases when something major happens in them, why can’t we. Why can’t we elect a national representation board of players to respond to issues and be the voice of airsoft at a national level.

I’ve tried my best to answer all your questions here… I apologize for the huge post.
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