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Is airsoft socially acceptable?

I've been wondering about this for a while now (ok, just a few weeks since I only learned about Airsoft at Christmas). Nobody blinks an eye if you tell them that you enjoy playing "Call of Duty" or "Halo" or "Quake". Yet, when you tell someone that you are going to be dressing up as a soldier and running around shooting each other, they often get this slightly quisical look on their face and you just know they are thinking "what the f@cking nutjob talking about!!!"

I had a talk with one of my work collegues about socially acceptable hobbies. He is part of an international organization that promotes play fighting (just like our airsoft), but in a medivial setting/period. So, they dress up in medival period costumes (i.e. suit of armor, chain mail, etc) and fight with swords (made from bamboo). Yet, I think their activity is much more socially acceptable as they've actually put on displays (involving play fighting) at our bi-annual town fair.

So, maybe in 200 years, when all fighting is done by computers and remote controlled drones, airsoft may become socially acceptable - as a way to keep history alive.

P.S. - just to get back on topic. My wife doesn't seem to mind as she is used to me going off the deep end when I start something new. She also grew up on a farm with real guns. So, she really sees my airsoft gun as a toy.
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