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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
everything WE makes is garbage, go with KJW or bettter yet, KSC for M9s, and paint it yorself, you'll be thankful later
From what I know There's four main M9s

Tokyo Marui -Old design, Safety disconnects the trigger from hammer (DOES NOT DECOCK), KJW in Canada beats it in price and metal parts

KJW -Clone of Marui, Hardest kicking one, Safety disconnects the trigger from hammer (DOES NOT DECOCK)

WE -Cheapest full metal, WE quality is probably makes it lower than other 5

KSC/KWA -Good gas efficiency, Make sure to get the mags with floorplate screw onto the magazine body (ver 1's floor plate tab will break really easily), Safety decocks the hammer (DOES NOT DISCONNECT THE TRIGGER FROM HAMMER)

WA -HFC134a ONLY, Safety decocks the hammer and disconnect trigger from hammer, avoid this if possible.
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