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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Well, although I agree with you, I think it's deeper than that. It's the belief that because something seems dangerous, and serves no useful purpose to *them*, there's no reason for it to serve any useful purpose to *anyone* and society would be better without it.

It's accepting that somehow, someone else can determine what's right or wrong, and you accept it because as long as you're a good guy, it won't affect you personally.

It's the mentality that believes you can give a man fish forever, and he'll somehow learn how to fish.

A bit dramatic, but every now and then this needs to be reposted:
I think that is a more coherent way of looking at it. The problem is getting "the them they" to see this fundamental truth.

Originally Posted by AS92-RD View Post
Rights? What rights? We don't even own what is under our land. We are subjects of the crown and the whims of the sovereign. But Canadian politicians have control of the crown via parliament and the GG. It's just a fucked up system that needs some fundamental changes beginning with true Citizen's rights and a system for the people, not for the crown.
A good analogy for "change" is that of a car in reverse. You need to stop moving backwards before you can start moving forward.

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