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And most of the people that think it's a good idea do so because it doesn't affect them personally. That self-centered, self-important but oh so Liberal mentality that because something seems like a bad idea to them, it should be prohibited from everybody, less their own bias or ignorance somehow allow someone else to prove them wrong.

"Do you support the gun registry?"
"Oh of course. Guns are dangerous".
"And do you think the Government should have strict requirements for licensing of gun owners?"
"Oh of course, guns are dangerous."
"And do you think background checks should be conducted before a license is issued?"
"Oh absolutely. Guns are dangerous".
"Do you own any firearms?"
"Of course not. Guns are dangerous."
"Do you think semi-automatic machine guns and assault pistols should be banned?"
"Oh, nobody needs a gun that can shoot a dozen bullets with a single pull of the trigger!"

Ask the same person about kitchen knives. Well that's different...they have those in the kitchen and they'd never use them to hurt anybody so why should they need a license for them? They're just kitchen knives after all.
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what if it model after his?

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