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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Absolutely, you will. And no it wasn't you, it was some new guy a few pages back saying "quote me the law that says the cops don't need a warrant to enter your house".

Street lawyers piss me off because they're usually wrong, or half-right, and think they're experts.

I also get pissed off because to me, this kind of bullshit conversation is offensive. It's offensive to me that anyone thinks it's ok to have to register any piece of property because "I have nothing to worry about if I'm not doing anything wrong". Except that with the stroke of a pen, you might very well be doing something wrong, and then they're coming for your property and laying charges against you if you can't, or won't produce it. And when that happens? Oh shit, I guess I never thought about it that way...

...Except a fuckton of us HAVE thought of it that way, we were the ones who got screwed by C68 and woke up as criminals for life with a temporary reprieve in the form of a firearms license, which can be revoked at the whim of the CFO based on little to no evidence, and BLAMO we're fucking criminals just like that.

Now, this pisses me off because we yell, and we scream about how much of a baaaad idea it is to accept registration of your property, as if your property were capable of inflicting harm by itself, and by extension you become a dangerous person who can't be trusted with plastic toys that are worthy of being "Registered"...and the answer I see is "You're paranoid".

I'm not fucking paranoid....I lost like everyone else when they screwed us the first time and I will not be screwed again.

We register GUNS in the country, but not SEX OFFENDERS.
Fact of the matter is Morb people never see the truth until it hits home for them and by then it's too late.

No citizen of a free nation should ever willingly relinquish their rights to enjoyment of their private property. Somewhere along the line people all nodded along as property rights where violated all in the name of government knows best.

Simply put, take responsibility for your ownership of your property and your actions with said property.

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