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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post

All you children, sit the fuck down and pay attention to the people here who know what they're talkin about.

The fucking letter of the law doesn't matter. Joules and FPS etc etc DOESNT MATTER. A cop answering a gun call is not a lawyer, not an expert on the CCC or the firearms act, and certainly doesn't give a shit about your rights to own a toy gun that you did or didn't own before 1998.

At the end of the day, the cops can kick your ass if they WANT TO, and they may pay the price later, but ultimately if you go up against the cops you're going to get fucked. You have every right to walk around with your registered firearm in your house, and the cops will very likely knock your fucking door down on RPG.

As far as actual warrants are concerned, NO BIG DEAL. All they have to do is get on the phone with the judge and explain the RPG, and the Judge approves the warrant verbally "in the interests of time and public safety". Later, you may be good to go, but right there and then you're going to get mollested, and most likely, charged for something. That means a long drawn out legal battle YOU have to fight, and THEY don't.

Reasonable Probable Grounds. Understand it, and understand that all your fucking rights with regard to search and seizure go on hold if a cop has "reasonable probable grounds" to believe there's a prohibited weapon in your house.

Stand up for your rights, but know that the cops will stand up for theirs too. You might win in the end, but a lot of good people have wound up with bad charges for being in contempt of cop, nothing more.

One more thing. I see a whole lot of "good ideas" by a lot of you new people. That's great, but give us a little credit. Some of us have been doing this for 15 years or more, and you're not the first kid to suggest all the bright ideas, nor the first to try it.

GUNS ARENT PC. DRESSING UP AS A SOLDIER AND SHOOTING EACH OTHER, even in the guise of a sport, is NOT PC. A Politician has nothing to gain by supporting us, and far more to lose.
No argument.... ( crap hope it wasn't my post that brought this on... lol) but in the unfortunate event you do find yourself on the receiving end despite your precautions chances are probably good that your going to have to educate your lawyer.
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