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Originally Posted by Wayne0188 View Post
Or you could just get a bfa with the option to import replicas and firearms (like all the retailers in canada). Probably less of a hastle, since the cbsa employee checking your package may be oblivious to the letter that apparently overrides the rules they are paid to follow, the bfa is already something they would know about (think of them as Canada post employees, keep it simple*)

*no offense to any Canada post employees reading this.

Business Firearms Licenses ( BFL ) are only issued if you have a legitimate need to import replicas.. As transfer of replicas to individuals is illegal a BFL won't help you much.
In the last great purging of retailers in the mid late 2000s it was abuses of BFL due to illegal retailing that caused the collapse.

Retailers now.. ( generally, as there are still some border runners ) import unregulated firearms, some then downgrade the guns before retail
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