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Originally Posted by bareass View Post
brian, have ever contacted CBSA? i know they follow their own set of rules, but if one could get a signed letter describing what's written in the criminal code. they, in theory should be able to import just about any airsoft gun. mind you in theory, but would have a good chance of success.
how exactly do you think importers are doing it now?

How do you think nearly 30 different models of airsoft guns from several manufacturers got listed on the firearms registry table and defined as unregulated firearms?

Why do you think most brick and mortar store owners and importers only bring in Clear Frame pistols? ( GBB pistols can't be made to fire over 407 FPS with .22g, so they put them on clear frames so they can't be considered replicas by CBSA)

This is the way I look at it.. Airsoft guns exist in a quantum state between prohibited Replicas and legal imitation and or unregulated firearms.

Depending on the context of the observer the item may be found to be in any one of those states.

CBSA observation defaults at replica

the law Defaults at replica if an offense has been committed

In the absence of an offense airsoft guns "rest" in a constant state of being an imitation firearm ( no one can argue that) or in the case of legal import unregulated firearm if their physical properties define them as such ( capable of causing significant bodily harm)

This is where people get the idea that the law is "grey" it's not..

Every airsoft gun is an imitation firearm full stop. that is the only absolute other definitions must be triggered by contextual observation.
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