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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
Nothing like going off the rails.

Armed Infidel - I am a law abiding citizen. I may not agree with the laws, but I comply with them. I have nothing to be afraid of, the laws don't scare me. What scares me are people like you who believe they have "rights" beyond the countries laws.
You sanctimonious ass!! I am sorry I'm not normally given to insulting people on these threads but this kind of crap just pushes my buttons. By sanctimoniously claiming you are a law abiding citizen you are inferring that the rest of us are hillbilly militia joining underground criminal rubes out to undermine society, what horeshit. Everyone on this thread is law abiding and believes in the rule of law but because we also believe in the limits of government to intrude on individual rights or freedoms, freedoms by the way that have been entrenched and evolved in western society since the Magna Carta you in your liberal moral superiority think we are all scary and need to be contained somehow. Give your head a shake.
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