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Originally Posted by Shogun-G View Post
Just thought I'd try to add to the healthy discussion part of this thread...
There are in fact a number of Lawyers and Police officers active in this community.. they don't advertise the fact however.

Like them... I would loose my livelihood if convicted of a firearms offense. which is why I thoroughly researched the law and got a legal opinion regarding the possession and use of Airsoft guns before I ever purchased my first gun.

A lot of people say that the law defining airsoft guns is "grey" .. it's not it is clearly written in black ink in the criminal code.

I'm 100% confident that I do not own any replica firearms, though I have quite a number of imitation firearms and Unregulated firearms.

I am 100% confident that everything I have is 100% legally possessed

I'm not afraid of some city Bylaw. Bylaws are designed to provide a punishment for breach, they are not a deterrent.
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