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You know what it is...........Kurgan explain to me and ASC the likely path of registration on a National level, and most importantly explain how showing a sign of "GOOD FAITH" is going to be received by the powers that be and make this community legitimized?

How is that going to be received by the political parties in Canada, and who out of them is actual going to honor our "sign of good faith" with positive legislation...Most of these parties have no idea about Airsoft guns? What do you think there reaction will be? What news coverage can we expect from the CBC? CBC might say another loop hole found in our firearm laws possible,Oh look that NDP private members bill addresses some of these issues. How will RCMP or the "Police Association" take to your sign of "Good Faith".

By all means please explain how this will be done? what do we get out of registering our ASG's, what class will our guns be put under that we can expect these "baby looking killers" to be put in...Will this change our importation laws at the CBSA? Will this benefit us in some way, I guess we will need approved ranges as well, this would go under the CFO of whatever province to over see, new laws would have to be drafted, after all these are registered firearms now? We can't just have war games at a park with the local police permission, can we?

If they start registering the AG's in several towns and cities won't this mean and eventual registration on a national level? I could see Toronto pushing for it, as for Quebec they are always for more firearm laws......
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