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I k ow that this is just one city, but that doesn't mean the federal government won't try to make it nation wide, this is what I am so against, hell I'm against long gun registration.

That doesn't mean I won't follow the law if it becomes one. I will however vote against such a law, as I am sure many other people on this forum will.

As has been said, this thread has become a place for peoe to express their thoughts on this bylaw, and people have made the conclution that this by become more common, whatever your thoughts on this, there is no need to attack others.

@multitech: I agree fully
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...It's rather like asking how long it takes for a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle...
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...13.768 seconds...
42 / square root of monkey butt - one leg * the tangent of one average sized pickle.

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