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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
No, your point was they need a warrant. My point was the reason for the warrant can be simply your refusal to consent.

So, you either let them in, or they come back with a warrant because you said "No". Either way, you are letting them in. Prior to this bill, refusal of search meant they actually had to have enough evidence to convince a justice to issue one. Now, they only need your refusal.

You are also neglecting the fact that if I own 10 or more guns, they are coming in, no need for reasonable cause or to believe any crime is, was or will be taking place.
Exactly. I will let them in when they have a warrant. I never said any different. I'm just not going to be a sheep and let them come in because they asked, when they initially come to see me. I'll talk to them outside. If I don't exercise my rights, under the law, I don't have any.

And the issue of pointing a gun( that has been brought up), even Airsoft, at somebody is entirely different. You are threatening the public safety. No warrant needed, you will be getting arrested, even if you let them in. And so you should!

Are these real guns (10 or more)you are talking about. That changes the current discussion. We were talking about someone seeing you in the window with A gun type item. This would then bring in all the long gun registry stupidity, which I don't think we want to do.

Also complying with the law, does not mean giving up your rights, even if the police make you think you are not complying when you exercise your rights as a citizen.

You have two choices. Be a sheep and do whatever you are told, or be a knowledgable and informed citizen.
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