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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
as far as "registering" replicas.. I don't own any.. all of my airsoft guns are unregulated firearms. No license or registrations required.
I'm not sure if this is correct Brian. Your gus shoot under 430, which is the magic number of seperation. therefore, i believe, your gun would be considered a replica. Unless you were to store them with huge springs everytime you leave the field.

registering your replica's would be terribly bad for so many people. If your model was not produced before 1998, it is illegal. this also means its illegal to purchase a new, or used one. unless of course it is cansoft.

now lets say your house is robbed. some punk knows you have sweet airsoft guns in your house, and decides he wants them. your now fucked out of insurance money for them, because they are an illegal item.

now i'm not sure how this all how this all goes about with uncontrolled firearms that have been downgraded. but if your gun is confinscated, they won't let you put a new spring in it before it gets sent to RMCP for testing.
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