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Nothing like going off the rails.

Armed Infidel - I am a law abiding citizen. I may not agree with the laws, but I comply with them. I have nothing to be afraid of, the laws don't scare me. What scares me are people like you who believe they have "rights" beyond the countries laws.

Call me gullible, naive or whatever (ask the local airsoft community about me) but I do not tolerate bullshit. You speak of losing freedoms and rights? What are you a hippie?... Or just a university student with nothing better to do during his free class.??. What other things would you Bitch about?
Bitch about having to be 18 to purchase these "toys"..?
Bitch about not being able to import them yourself?..
Bitch about properly using them on the local airsoft field?
Bitch about transporting them properly (assuming you do, which I doubt).
Bitch about FPS field rules?

Lets see.. what other airsoft rules/laws have you bitched about but when push came to shove, you bent over and spread your cheeks and bit the pillow for?

but enough about schooling you....

There seems to be a lot of grand standing.."I'd tell the cops off" "fuck the neighbors" "cops have no right".. going on here.. and quite frankly.. this is not the type of talk that responsible gun owners should be engaging in.

Its' sad when the largest airsoft discussion forum is so hell bent on not complying (and only about 5 people on this board have to) with a simple by-law because they are either too paranoid (not a good trait for a gun owner btw) or too NRA (nutbars in thier own right) to reasonably comply if they had to.

Enough with the whining, bitching, moaning and fear mongering already...

Please close this topic.. it's become an embarrassment.
On the seventh day when God rested, we overran his perimeter and we've been running the show ever since....
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