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Originally Posted by multitech View Post
Authority to issue warrant, not they can come into your house at the initial complaint call without your permission.

Thank you for proving my point!
No, quite the contrary. As per the Firearm's Act, they do not need a warrant for all but a dwelling. The conditions are quite clear on that.

Frome here:

Search and seizure without warrant where offence committed

117.02 (1) Where a peace officer believes on reasonable grounds
(a) that a weapon, an imitation firearm, a prohibited device, any ammunition, any prohibited ammunition or an explosive substance was used in the commission of an offence, or
(b) that an offence is being committed, or has been committed, under any provision of this Act that involves, or the subject-matter of which is, a firearm, an imitation firearm, a cross-bow, a prohibited weapon, a restricted weapon, a prohibited device, ammunition, prohibited ammunition or an explosive substance,
and evidence of the offence is likely to be found on a person, in a vehicle or in any place or premises other than a dwelling-house, the peace officer may, where the conditions for obtaining a warrant exist but, by reason of exigent circumstances, it would not be practicable to obtain a warrant, search, without warrant, the person, vehicle, place or premises, and seize any thing by means of or in relation to which that peace officer believes on reasonable grounds the offence is being committed or has been committed.
The dwelling house excluded by the Firearms Act is now covered in Bill C-36 as noted above.
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