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Originally Posted by ExtraExtra View Post
Supply and demand has got to be keeping the prices up...i mean looking at redwolf and ehobby, the comparative prices are like 35 to 40% more over here! In reading the ol q&a, a lot of the sellers have gone down and may still be the case? if so, got to be supply and demand.
Prices are super down!

You look at Chinese retailers and compare with Canadian! Canadians have to pay sales tax (the chinese don't charge that) and duty to get the guns into the country. 5% Gst and 7% import duty. There is 12% there.

Then hire a freight forwarder to get it from China to Canada, do customs brokerage, etc. , etc.

If prices are only 35-40% higher, those retailers are hardly making any money.

If you go to Hong Kong or Japan you can get those guns for 40% less.

Lobsters are $6 per pound here in Nova Scotia, but are $40 per pound in Japan and Hong Kong. Maybe they should be the same price halfway around the world!!

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