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Originally Posted by TechSeller View Post
I'm guessing the same side as me. I am participating in this thread vicariously thorugh Carl.
Yeah, he is kinda fun sometimes.

I think he must get a throbbing vein pop out of his skull at the shit thst gets posted here.

I know I do, and I get an eye twitch too.

Originally Posted by kaiu View Post
Just like that LEGO Gun in Toronto where someone called police because they saw a guy holding a gun in the window, they knocked on the door, not stormed in.
They could be nice and knock on the door, but legally, they are under no obligation to. If they are responding to a "gun call", there is sufficient reason to beleive you are either committing a crime, going to commit a crime or have committed a crime. That means they can kick your door in, arrest you and make your life hell for a time. You can protest, but your are either going downtown the easy way or the hard way.

The only time they need a warrant is for a search, and the reasons needed can be as little as your refused consent, or they have reason to believe you will refuse. They do not need to ask you. That is black-letter law.
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