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as has been said many times, this registry thing is bad.
I am definitely not in favor of it, They might as well just force us to have rfi chips inserted so they can keep tabs on us (ok maybe a little exaggerated).

Correct me if I am wrong, but an individual with the correct license to own a hand gun, is also able to own an assault type rifle as well (providing it is semi auto only). is this not true?

therefore, if someone called the police after seeing you cleaning said m16 (as an example) a swat team would not be dispatched, just an officer to follow up (he may be a little on edge). So I think one would be just fine to inform the officer (on you porch mind you) that it is just airsoft, a non regulated firearm, and you are just cleaning it in the privacy of your home (being polite of course).

I would definitely take any relevant legal action towards the person that invaded my privacy by peeking through my window.

and that is my 2 cents
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...It's rather like asking how long it takes for a monkey with a wooden leg to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle...
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...13.768 seconds...
42 / square root of monkey butt - one leg * the tangent of one average sized pickle.
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