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A couple thoughts. I suggest everyone in town go to the dollar store, purchase a dart gun and then register it with the police. Safety first you know. Maybe have the local paper on-site to satirize the event.

Second this is a city by-law. Those are reactionary laws sparked by either public complaints from citizens or more often than not one person with the Mayor's ear, or some of municipal politicians themselves. Always a knee jerk response to something like "those kids next door causing a ruckus". If there kids running around your cul-de-sac with Canadian Tire guns leaving orange BBs everywhere you can bet at some point the issue will come to a head. You may be able to remove this from the books if you create a group and lobby for it to be struck, or get yourself elected and work from the inside.

That is part and parcel of why 18 is firmly held to as a benchmark for owning an airsoft gun here. It's not just that the canned response of "you're now responsible for yourself", it's also an expectation you'll be aware of your actions outside of yourself and can realize that if you uncase your weapon it should be for a good reason and not just to skyline yourself against a picture window while watching an action movie.

The real gun shooters here are absolutely right that we do have the right to move about our house with a gun shaped object in hand and our neighbors do not have a right to peer in our windows and constantly report suspicious behavior to the police in this case, or to a bylaw officer if there's a pet in the house without tags, or to rifle through your mail and banking information since they feel something's not right about you.

The 18+ rule is an imperfect one as we all know there are people 16 years of age who can be trusted to act like an adult and there are even more people in their 20s who are less trustworthy than a toddler. Still it's the best thing we've got right now. Cases like the seizure in this story or the chain that would have led to the bylaw are the times you let that little voice in your head double check that what you're doing is a good idea and that's where your own personal responsibility comes into play.
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