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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
Ok let's get things straight here.

If Im in my window holding my Bushmaster and someone sees me the RCMP will most likely come knocking on my door and not break it down. That's not saying some might not, especially if that eye witness stated you were pointing said gun out the window at people which is a federal crime.

Now if you're pointing a "firearm" at people Police can believe the public is in danger so that gives Police the right to enter your home without a warrant.

The Police will need a warrant to search your home (although they can still search only with their eyes while conducting their duties).
Exactly what I was trying to get across. I've got a WII game that has a gun attachment, so with what others are saying the police will come busting down my door to search it without a warrant. UNLIKELY.

They will come to ask me questions, If I act suspisiously they may go get a warrant and come back. If they see a weapon in my hands they most definately will come in, after telling me to drop it at gun point.8-O

Unless I'm out in the yard it is unlikely that they will FORCE their way in to my house without an invitation or warrant!

Remember people you only have rights if you exercise them!
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