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Originally Posted by Rooster View Post
I'm not going to try to change your minds, if I've learned anything since joining ASC it's that nobody on here is ever wrong and I'm apparently a sheep.

My last words on this is just that we all hope that the government will ease up on the import rules for airsoft, but nobody is willing to step up with a show of good faith and register the fact that we have airsoft in our homes. Maybe if the government saw how many 18+ people across the country actually use airsoft they'd get their shit together and change the importation rules. Look at it from their side, more individual importers means more taxes in their pocket..

I do like T-Hell's idea.. but we know that's not happening..
Yeah, the sharpshooters, roadblocks, and random search/seizures were the government's show of good faith towards the Bill C-68 protesters.

I don't know about you (actually, I do - TOOL), but I'm done with being a nice guy, and allowing everything I own to be registered, regulated, etc, etc.

The long-gun registry made a lot of assholes rich... I'm not about to see more assholes get rich while the citizens get their sphincters stretched.
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