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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post

You're not alone. I see the merit in complying, and am prepared to do just that when I move into Fredericton.

I know I'll get flamed for this, but I don't see any harm in being legit and informing the local police about my weapons. If people are afraid of losing their guns, why play the sport? So many posts on this board have been about legalizing airsoft or making it a legit sport.. my question is how can we do this if we continually run like scared mice when the light gets put on us?

If you can't "afford" to have your gun taken, you're in the wrong sport and may wish to consider clearsoft....

Let the flaming begin.....

If you know anything about law enforcement, you know that they do use the gun registry at every call they go to. Knowing if a gun is present in the house prepares them for a possible conflict...

and no, I'm not pro-registry.... but I'm also not afraid to comply with the law either.
It's a real slippery slope to tyranny and it's well oiled with good intentions of law abiders who think they are being civic minded and don't see the slow erosion of their individual rights.

Next thing you know it will be a crime to offend somebody...oh wait!! already it is in this country(its an entire industry compiments of those kangaroo courts called Human Rights Commissions)

Tell me Kurgan...where would you draw the line on this assault on individual freedoms?
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