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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
See bold... The lawyers can argue about it after the fact... and do
But they are going to need to arrest me, before they can just force their way in. That part after the fact will not go well in their favour.

Honestly, its usually that people say ok that allows the police into their houses. When they come to your door, talk to them outside your house. If they ask if you mind them coming in say "yes". Its your right! They will usually try to make you feel guilty and may even suggest that you will get in trouble, but they still need you to say yes. Otherwise they risk anything that they find being thrown out in court because of illegal search and seizure! That is a great tactic used by lawyers!

Make then work to get into your house. Know the law. If you have a friend that is a lawyer ask them. Ask a friend who is a police officer if they are allowed to just walk into your house if they feel they have reason.

There is a long Youtube video by a law professor on this, and even the police officer (retired) who talks afterwards says don't talk to them, don't let them in your house.
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