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Originally Posted by multitech View Post
Without a search warrant, the police need your permission to come into your house.

When will this fearmongering stop? Will we need to register every knife, tire iron, screwdriver we have. People are killed by them every day, actually killed, not scared cause someone has something shaped like a gun.

Know your rights, make informed decisions, don't just follow the herd.
Wrong, probable cause .. no warrant required.

report of a "person with a gun" will illicit a police response , they will enter premises without a warrant.

however I agree with Blackthorn, As a Licensed firearm owner I am 100% within my rights to handle my guns as I see fit within my own home,

someone calling the police because they saw me with a gun through my window is an invasion of my privacy.. I would insist the police charge the person with trespass

as far as "registering" replicas.. I don't own any.. all of my airsoft guns are unregulated firearms. No license or registrations required.
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