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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
From the text in the article it seems like that bylaw is already on the books. If so what year was it written in?
It was written in 1990, and redone in 2005. Although there was likely a long standing by-law that was removed or merged into this spring gun/airgun/firworks by-law

And just for the record (as to the confiscation issue)

2.06 Any permit issued under this by-law may
be cancelled by the Chief of Police upon
conviction of the holder thereof for any
offence under this by-law.

2.07 Any police officer may seize any firework,
spring gun or air rifle had or kept in
contravention of this by-law.

2.08 The Chief of Police may, at any time after
the expiry of 10 days following a seizure
made under the authority of section 2.07,
destroy any fire cracker, spring gun or air
rifle so seized.
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