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First Post, I just got into this sport.
Ex millitary and a sport shooter for 5 years.
Rant On.
The long gun registry works too. That's a real winner.
Who is going to pay for this?
Say "Hello" to the Daddy State.
Brainless morons legislating and banning everything. This is just another example of gun grabbers stiring up fear.
Just enforce the existing laws and expect personal responsibility.
I know many many cops and very few really understand the firearms laws as they are a total hodge podge of legistalion and implied laws:
Example My neigbor claimed he could inspect my firearms anytime. Not true he requires a warrant. That would be an illegal search.
He argued with me until my father in law (a really good guy and a lawyer) showed him the actual legislation and he had to eat crow.
Vote conservative!
Rant off!
Have a good day. DF.

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