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Originally Posted by Rooster View Post
It's not like the police chief can just pull names from a hat on a whim and decide "I'm gonna piss this fucker off today!", go get his toys and lets break em.

The point of that is that if you fuck up with airsoft guns, they have the right revoke your registration and seize your guns. I see no problem there myself. It's no different than a car, if you drive like an idiot you'll lose the license and possibly the car depending on what you did.

Handle yourself and your guns properly, and you have nothing to worry about. Just don't go out on your lawn waving them at the Black Helicoptors circling your house.
Perhaps you should read the article a little more clearly there...
"The legislation further allows police to seize a spring or air gun and gives the chief the authority to cancel permits and destroy seized guns."

Police = Any police officer
Chief = Very few, but still has the power to rip up your peice of paper

I know a fair amount of police officers where I live and some of them exactly aren't as fair and open minded as you may think the majority of people are like. They've done some pretty horrible shit and to give those guys one extra easy reason to rain on a persons parade... well that's pretty big in my books

I'd be fucking furious to have my Systema alone be seized let alone destroyed.
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