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What a bunch of horse shit...

1. Registering an airsoft gun will put you on a list so that if someone robs a store with a similar gun... you're a likily candidate.

2. As Shelled Pants had mentioned, if your neighbor spots you tinkering away at your gun, do you really think that the police will call off the issue because you are registered?

3. Do you really want to see your registration fee go to waste by letting the police know you have airsoft guns, AND our tax dollars going to waste on a system that will take up space AND put you on a list of people to visit in the event of a local robbery?

I think it's bad enough that we've got all these damn restrictions from importing, this is one extra piece of shit that people may have to deal with. I'd be a lot more compliant if the import laws were thrown out and Airsoft was welcomed to Canada with open arms as a sport/hobby. This would mean that they would have a huge pile of papers to rifle through making it almost useless to even continue the registration... AND what really gets my blood boiling is that I've spent hard earned money into the sport of airsoft, but they'd have the nerve to add this into that article, "The legislation further allows police to seize a spring or air gun and gives the chief the authority to cancel permits and destroy seized guns." That makes it totally fucked up right there... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME~?!?!?!?!
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