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Originally Posted by CARL View Post
Wow the naivety and fail here is astonishing........You guys need to read u on Canadian civilian ownership of firearms in this country , get some history in you before you make such stupid decisions.....Talk to people that were there in 79 and throughout the 80's and the dreadful 90's......
I've seen:

-You're allowed to own any replicas you've had before the '98 (or whatever year it was) law change.

-You're allowed to own them if they're not replicas; they're unregulated (and thus too hot to game)

-You're allowed to have them if they're partially clear.

Every time someone asks about the legality, they're answered with "BECAUSE I FUCKING SAID SO, GO READ TEH FAQS"...which don't contain anything helpful, I've searched myself. Someone care to quote a legitimate government source regarding the legality of these?
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