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Alarmist press coverage sells product

Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post

You're not alone. I see the merit in complying, and am prepared to do just that when I move into Fredericton.

I know I'll get flamed for this, but I don't see any harm in being legit and informing the local police about my weapons. If people are afraid of losing their guns, why play the sport? So many posts on this board have been about legalizing airsoft or making it a legit sport.. my question is how can we do this if we continually run like scared mice when the light gets put on us?

If you can't "afford" to have your gun taken, you're in the wrong sport and may wish to consider clearsoft....

Let the flaming begin.....
No flaming:

I think if the police statement read more what is realistic then I'd have less of a pull-back. They are terrified, perhaps, as they should be, that their staff will respond to a call and the news article will read, "Police kill boy holding TOY gun". Call it what it is and maybe it's more palatable, but try dressing it up as something else and I resist.

I believe the major agitant here is the press. They don't understand what exists. You can tell by the way they describe the guns in question. They look for headlines and sensationalize in order to have a marketable product. Law enforcement is not number one on the offense parade...the press is. They speak in superlatives which are unnecessarily alarming.

In the end, is registration a good idea? Can it be completed with a modicum of efficiency and effectiveness unlike the federal registry. Answer that positively and most of us, I believe would be IN.

As a side note: If I purchase a legal product, legally, should I really be worried about having it taken away, money and cost and my ability to throw money away aside?

Give it some thought.
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