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Man... I love that idea... remember those key ring that would chirp when you whisled!!!

((Only operational after detonation of course!))

Your main question is Liquid or solid

liquid grenades gets there energy from streached rubber
Solid grenades get theyre from gas expension (co2 or pyro)
Pyro is being somewhat regulated,

What you need to find is a way to use a spring to disperse the solid content (like) seeds

it already exists in nature

Better video
((some seeds contain two elicoidale structure that untwist when the pod ruptures spreading the seeds all over in a very nice patern

What you guys need to do is create a grenade that uses that system ( or ribbon spring (clock)) but also include a 3 sec delay

For example the outer shell could open 1/3 in the middle creating an annular spread patern or it could use spinning (like the tornado = unefficient in tall grass

Work with dryed peas (eco)

Mimic a US army design and color (we are big babies... with money)

Price? If there efficient, easilly field reloadable, and retreavable (biping)... tornados cost what??? and they do sell regardless of there limitations



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