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Thanks for the info!
I normally do my ordering through EBAirsoft, but lately I'm finding that they have less and less of things I need, or the quality of the parts is horrible-even for clones. They're also starting to piss me off with the shipping. I just put in my 6th $100+ order with them, and for the third time in a row I received a fake tracking number and some bullshit along the lines of "we will ship item [itemnumber] and [otheritemnumber], other item will ship after [bullshitreason]", I've decided to take my business elsewhere. WGC may charge pretty heavy for shipping, but with item prices being so low you're still saving money.

@Danke: I knew that was the case as soon as I saw the disclaimer on their site. To be honest, I don't blame them one bit.
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Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?

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