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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Chances are if the agent who inspected the package is found they will lose their job.

Second, that is pretty blatant smuggling not to mention that it's a gun that's been taken apart, if I were a customs agent that would totally raise a red flag for me.

If you're really 19 use some common sense.

Finally, do you ever want to work with children or the elderly? If so then you probably would want a clean criminal record. ie. Smuggling charges aren't cool. Ever want to work as an Accountant? Engineer? Teacher? Doctor? Lawyer? All those professions (and more) have requirements for entrance into their professional bodies/associations and if you can't get entrance you won't be able to practise.

Oh wait.... what's this? Someone was arrested for smuggling guns into Canada? Unthinkable! Your one single anecdotal case overrides any other possibility!

Link to actual article is dead but it happened last year.
Those "replica guns" he got busted for, were they Airsoft or just other "replica" guns? Just curious...
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