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Design Tips for Paintball Grenade

I'm an Industrial Engineering student and my team has chosen to design and create a reusable paintball or airsoft grenade for our final project.

We are required to perform a market analysis and I was hoping to get some help from you guys.

A video of the concept: YouTube - Paintball / Airsoft Grenade Product Concept School Survey

The following link is the survey

Update Thanks for bringing up the paint concerns,

We're hoping to use 6mm paintballs or bbs ref. What are you thoughts on this ?

Also, do you have preferences for exterior materials (for the shell/casing), such as plastic or aluminum ? Also, do you have a preferred weight range ?

Heads-up: we are having a live presentation this Friday after 5:30 pm (Eastern Time); more information will follow !

Thanks for your time guys.

And you never know, if we are ever able to market and sell this, maybe I can give you guys some coupons .

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