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Ok so I just got off the phone with the owner of GZ and I have very good news i have a huge grin on my face... Ok so he has this area just about 1Km away from GZ which is still their property and here is the thing, it is not built up so what he said is that it is an awesome area and we can go in there and build it up and for the spring and summer time we can have it to use strictly for airsoft.

I am pretty sure he has the materials in order for us to do the build and he is more than cooperative. So we can all have a chat with him, hopefully, on sunday and we can take a look at the area which he is talking about

I think this is a great opportunity for us to get place to play at for actual season times when it is difficult because of paintballers.

I will make a new thread when the time comes to organize work groups and such.

Thank you guys so much, I will see you on Sunday, it should prove to be a great venue

Kingston airsoft, we do it better.
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