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There is a difference between flaming and encouraging someone to actually help themselves, rather than asking to be spoonfed.

This place is to help newbies get familiarized with the sport, and questions can be freely asked without having to worry about getting flamed. But when you get questions like "What gun is better" "Can I import from the US" "Whats the best gun I can get for under 100" "I'm 14 can i play airsoft" or whatever, these are questions people can help 'themselves' to.

All of such topics are heavily covered within the website, and there is a FAQ section that many, many people seem to neglect that is bloated full of information regarding these common questions.

But yes, use the searchbar and try to come up with your own conclusions. There are lots of people that have handled such guns and have openly expressed their Likes and Dislikes with them.
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