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Originally Posted by crashonskis View Post
btw, im 17, i just thought no one would help me if i was underage. sorry to cause trouble, ill just paint the damn thing black

We do help people who are underage but the line stops when they ask about procuring guns. Hell even if you're AV'ed it can't be posted in the public sections it has to be posted in the Wanted or AV only sections.

There's lots of minors who come here asking for advice, we will help them (as long as it's a reasonable request and they've searched for it first) but we have to draw the line at actively helping to procure guns for them.

Also if the gun actually was disassembled (at the border) then someone clearly isn't doing their job and could be fired or possibly charged with accessory to smuggling or conspiracy to smuggle. There is only one redeeming quality that may get a gun released but by disassembling it, all is lost because it's also trying to hide the fact that it's a gun/gun parts.

NB: You may order non prohibited ACCESSORIES and PARTS from overseas/across the border but not guns. Read the FAQ on what items are prohib/non prohib. (ie. you can order barrels, stocks, internal parts, gearboxes, rails, batteries, slides etc. but you may not order receivers and pistol frames (and sometimes prohib length slides will get scrutinized more))
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