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Originally Posted by Wayne0188 View Post
cool, the woman that runs the surplus store north of me makes some that she sells, and she has the diy kits too. I asked because I was considering using one if I ever played a sniper role. now I know they work, I probably will use one (if I become a sniper).

by what I've read so for (mostly posts by you two) I would definitely want to get really good with an aeg gun and long range accurate shots, before moving up to a BA sniper rifle.
Trust me, ghillie+accurate aeg+good practice at shooting/stealth= ownage. one of the few times I've gamed in a ghillie i used my insanely accurate M16 and I single handedly held one half of the field, the other team gave up coming my way and just tried their hardest to push through everybody else on my team on the other side of the field instead just to stay out of my range.

EDIT: should state this was a TDM type skirmish with re-spawns not a full size milsim.

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