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Originally Posted by Wayne0188 View Post
cool, the woman that runs the surplus store north of me makes some that she sells, and she has the diy kits too. I asked because I was considering using one if I ever played a sniper role. now I know they work, I probably will use one (if I become a sniper).

by what I've read so for (mostly posts by you two) I would definitely want to get really good with an aeg gun and long range accurate shots, before moving up to a BA sniper rifle.
Just keep this in mind. It's all a tradeoff. If you decide to play in a ghillie it's quite hot and uncomfortable. For me, I could play without one. It's just a game after all, I mean it's not like you're in Vietnam or whatever and the bullets are real.

Also, sounds like a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) position is the right one for you. Basically take your rifle and fire in semi (optional to lock it using a MOSFET so you don't inadvertently switch it to auto) basically slow down your rate of fire and focus on getting consistent shots. Depending on what brand your gun is you may have to put in consistency upgrades (usually the compression parts are targeted first to make sure that you're getting consistent compression and little to no air leaks). FPS is overrated but I feel I don't need to tell you that, however shooting at around 370-390 (on .20's) is probably the best and you should also use at minimum .28g BB's if you're looking for consistency/accuracy/precision. Once you're comfortable in the DMR role then you can think about either locking your gun to semi with 1s. delay (ie. using MOSFET) or getting a BA rifle, reason being is that this way you're not just jumping into the water in a sink or swim situation since you're easing yourself from dumping "strings of plastic" at a target, to taking aimed precision shots in semi to taking precision shots with a BA or a semi locked AEG with delay.

It's late now and I have school tomorrow so yeah those are some basic tips on getting into the sniper role.
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