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And yes, I do; I hand made 3, one for winter, one for spring, and one for sumer/fall. and i didnt make it specifically for one field, I played in the northeastern part of the USA where the climate/vegetation is essentially the same as the Eastern part of Canada, except much warmer. I wore a ghillie suit with a camel back hydration carrier, because holy crap it gets SO hot in there.

If you hand make it, you can "customize" it to your heart's content, but essentially it does this: distort the human figure, which if done correctly using jute and natural elements (I used stringing from a rice sack) will make you seem like a part of your natural surroundings. Ive laid prone before in my ghillie suit and watched as people walked within 4 inches of my face, and well it was because I looked like a part of the forest floor
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