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Originally Posted by teriases View Post
Man way to go keeping ur cool. I would have freaked out when I saw the MP5s lol...

Btw did u see what brand were they carrying...? ICS? WE? Anyone with a tricked out glock...? Jk heheh...
Uhm, I think it was RS MP5 with a RS aimpoint. The guns looked a bit warn out and they had a glock holstered on their side. When I was safe to leave, I wanted to ask if I can take a picture with them holding the MP5, but I thought that wouldnt be a good idea

There was one time when one of the SDU was exploring my items and I sat behind him. He originally had his MP5 hanging on his back from a sling, and then, I think he remembered I was behind him, he shifted his gun in front. I think he did that in case if I took the MP5 from him
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