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Once I had a squad of guys pinned in a base for an hour, simply by firing one shot that made a loud smack on a wall, moved to another position, fired another 10mins later, moved, fired 10mins later, same effect, then buggered off to another part of the field to help out teammates. The reason I found out I had them pinned down is because the field owner approached me after the game and asked if I had been firing on that base, I said yes, he laughed and said I had them stuck there for an hour at least, I laughed and said I was barely in the area for 20mins tops before moving. So ya, psychological warfare I am an expert on as far as a sniper rifle goes.

More so when attacking a larger base with walls, if you lob a round in order to hit a wall way outside your range and on the opposite side of your position, you can make it seem like there are a couple snipers out there. Really causes entertaining reactions, has always been part of my extreme addiction to sniping. Especially when being blamed for kills when I wasn't even at the game. Lol
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